While we often hear about the value of living green and conserving the ecosystem, it is not always easy to find daily activities that you can participate in that allow you to do so. In fact, far too often, there is a lingering fallacy that tells us that nothing we can do will make a difference, so why even bother, right?

But that’s the mindset that will eventually ruin the environment for us – and more importantly, for our children and their children to inherit. And you don’t have to get out on the streets and protest, get violent, and turn cars over to make a difference, unlike the people you see on TV talking loud and saying nothing – you can simply start to make a differnce for the environment by focusing on your own backyard – and front, as well.

See, if your home is like most others, it is probably surrounded by gardens and lawns but did you know of the potential impact of unkempt yards and lawns on the environment? The garden and the lawn make up the natural environment of your property or house, and although people often ignore the pollution occurring right outside their homes, regular maintenance is one way to give back to nature. By putting in the time and endeavor of caring for your lawn, you will instantly feel the gratification that often comes with caring for the surroundings.

Not only that, you do your part in your own small way for the environment. Thus, we bring to you the 5 ways your lawn, and proper care for it, helps you do something for the earth, the environment, and its ecosustainability.Lawn Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

1. Tending To Your Lawn Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

This applies in particular when you plant grass that requires low maintenance. Grass that does not need a lot of work includes strains of Sir Walter and Zoysia which grow slowly and in a neat fashion preventing you from mowing daily. The less fertilizer you use on your lawn, the less carbon you contribute to the environment.

2. Your Lawn Cools The Surrounding Air

During summer especially, a cool environment can make all the difference. A regular lawn has the capacity to cool about 8.75 tons of air. The grass on the lawn also effectively cools down the trees, which reduces the amount of water lost through the process of evaporation. When you take care of your lawn, you are also effectively trapping heat from the sun, which reduces the temperatures outside and balances the heat felt at night.

3. Your Lawn Does Its Part To Create A Balanced Mini-Ecosystem And Environment.

Since the yard is covered by grass, it automatically provides a home for insects and various animals to breed and prosper. This creates a sustainable and balanced system. Regular lawn care also prevents other types of vegetation that may conceal snakes and rodents from growing, which keeps your family safe from dangerous critters. can

4. Your Lawn Prevents Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is no doubt one of the biggest environmental concerns of the century. As a result of deforestation, the top layer of the soil which contains essential minerals is often washed away by water. To prevent this from happening, people should plant grass and maintain their lawns as suggested by Lawn Mower Lane, and use walk-behind mowers because they are better for more precise trimming (more information at http://www.lawnmowerlane.com/category/walk-behind/).

5. The Grass In Your Lawn Stabilizes Dust

This is a particularly useful component for people that suffer from allergies. Grass and lawn vegetation stabilizes the dust in the surroundings and keeps levels low, which prevents it from spreading into the house and other important areas in your home.

These are just some of the ways tending to your garden helps the environment out – what are you waiting for? You’ve got a lawn to tend to.

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