The Philippines has a large number of exotic fruits and vegetables that are found readily and very cheaply in the market. With the juicing trend on high gear, the demand for more exotic fruits to revamp juices and smoothies is at an all time high. The majority of the fruit that is found in the Philippines is not only organic and free of chemicals; the fruits are also rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The climate in the Philippines is ideal for fruits to grow which means that regardless of the time of the year, exotic fruits are available all year round. If you are interested in saving time cooking, if you want to try something healthy, try juicing. As far as juices and smoothies go, here are 5 exotic fruits from the Philippines that will definitely jazz up your juicing.

1. Mangoes

JuicingA lot of people say that the best quality of mangoes comes from the Philippines. The mango is so popular in the country, which explains why it is the national fruit of the Philippines – and for good reason. Nobody that has tasted the superior taste of Philippine mangoes can compare it to any other mango in the world – there exists no comparison whatsoever. With common varieties such as the champagne mango and Carabao, the best mangoes are mostly grown in the province of Guimaras. However, the Davao and Zambales mangoes are also equally as sweet. Some people (maybe even you) find it hard to incorporate mangoes to their juicing regimen due to their texture, which some conventional juicers may have a hard time with, but you could simply rely on the best picks from Juicer Cruiser to see what juicer can manage fruits with similar textures as this one does. It’s worth the extra effort for the mango, we’ll tell you that much.

2. Pineapples

Like mangoes from the country, pineapples from the Philippines are also unrivaled in terms of sweetness and quality. Pineapples from the region of Bukidnon, which are known for their juiciness and sweetness (and thusly canned and sold all over the world), are infinitely sweeter and more succulent than those from other similar tropical regions – yes, even Hawaii.

3. Durian

As far as exotic fruits go, the Durian is the king of exotic fruits. It is not only found in the Philippines but also in other neighboring countries as well. The fruit is popular for its large size and aroma that is unique to the fruit. The Durian fruit has a rich, custardy flavor that is similar to that of almonds, and if you’re up for a challenge in incorporating its powerful flavor, then you’ve definitely met your match in juicing.

4. The Rambutan

The Rambutan is a fruit that is commonly found in the Southeast Asia region. It is distinctive in the way it looks owing to its prickly or hairy appearance. The rambutan looks a lot like the lychee fruit. The flesh of the Rambutan fruit is white with a big seed in the middle. It has a sweet and creamy flavor that is very refreshing.

5. Langka

The langka fruit is also popularly known as a jack fruit. The external appearance of the fruit is very irregular with a thick and prickly shell. Some locals use it for fruit juices and syrups, but it is best when it is eaten fresh. That being said, its strong flavor makes it a popular addition to local drinks, so why not try it for yourself?

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