We live in a peculiar world – one that’s quick to get on trends, one that’s over-reliant on social media, and one that’s easily hyped by real or fake news (regardless of what you consider them to be). There’s always an agenda being pushed somewhere, somehow, for all the right or wrong reasons, depending on where you sit on the fence regarding the agenda itself.

And the issue of biodiversity is no stranger to government and media propaganda. It’s easy to get lost in the noise – it’s par for the course of the world we live in today. And yes, there are some issues that will forever be debatable with regard to ideology and politics – but not for biodiversity. Because the evidence is staggering – we really are losing a lot of the world’s flora and fauna to extinction on a yearly basis.

It’s unquestionable, you can argue whether the effects of global warming are exaggerated or otherwise, but you can’t argue with a statistic on how the population of the California condor was almost obliterated in the 1980s. And that is only one example of how conservation efforts and biodiversity initiatives have helped nurse them back to 400 individuals in the wild, compared to just 9 birds in 1985.

Let’s study a few more reasons why it is so important to us.

The Importance Of Conservation On Human Civilization

Biodiversity and conservation efforts for the earth’s flora and fauna provide us with sources of medicine and food. Furthermore, conserving our environment allows mitigation of the pollution we create, as well as natural disasters such as flash floods and widespread erosion. That’s not even including the obvious natural resources we derive from the earth itself – and these are the reasons why we need to take steps to be more conscious of our own part in conserving the earth’s resources.

Significant Agricultural Benefits

BiodiversityTaking steps in boosting and preserving local biodiversity does play its part in controlling pests that infest our food sources from crops – by increasing their natural predators, biodiversity plays its part in increasing crop yields naturally.

Culture And Aesthetics.

I’ll bet you always welcome seeing swathes of greenery and vegetation in the concrete and air-conditioned jungles we live in – that’s because parks DO have a role in increasing our personal and psychological health. And protecting and increasing the biodiversity in these little biomes we have in our urban spaces will improve it even more.

So, is there anything else that needs to be said about why biodiversity is important in the face of the ecological challenges we seem to always find ourselves in? You tell me.

A Good Turn Every Day

That’s why we all have to do our part, and here’s an easy one anyone can do: Why not begin with cycling for short distance travels?
Cycling whenever you can instead of using public or private transportation does play a little part in the big scheme of conservation efforts – it’s a way of reducing your carbon footprint, and it’s a great way to get your blood pumping. Cycling Plaza gives you the latest reviews in everything related to cycling, at http://www.cyclingplaza.com/, and explains all the benefits for nature and your fitter self. Play your part today, no matter how small you think it is. It’s a good turn for mother nature, and a good turn every day adds up.